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News about Gärsnäs

“My confidence rests
in my hands”

Åke Axelsson builds a boat, talks about his childhood and shares his views on design.

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A homage to the designer’s wife

Furniture designer David Ericsson launches the Hedwig easy chair, which is based on craftsmanship and skill, simplicity and deep love and understanding for the opportunities offered by wood. Hedwig the easy chair is a homage to the designer’s wife, who likes to read and drink tea. David Ericsson has placed great emphasis on the easy chair ...

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Pioneering technique

The creative and inventive duo Färg & Blanche launch Julius: a generous and inviting sofa and accompanying easy chair. Julius is made using the revolutionary technique of “wood tailoring”. Färg & Blanche have invented and developed the “wood tailoring” concept, which means the furniture is sewn together. Färg & Blanche interview: Explain the innovative technique of ...

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